I am pleased to conduct consultations;

  • In person at Linden Lotus Clinic in Fernwood, 1288 Gladstone Ave Victoria BC
  • Skype, Google Chat, other on-line vehicle

          Tech support, provide instructions. May need one-one-one guidance, links

  • Phone
  • Home visits, under certain conditions.

How to make an appointment

  • Book An Appointment Here
  • Or by - phone/text, email. On-line calendar to view openings, events, book appointments, register for workshops


Your initial consultation will take about 90 minutes, during which time I want to learn everything about your current health concerns, medical history, genetic background, lifestyle, and other related information. Like detectives, together we will unearth clues as to what is exactly going on, the big picture. A physical exam is usually indicated, including blood pressure and heart rate. Please bring in, or list, all of your current drugs and supplements you may be taking. In order to save time, I request that you fill out the downloadable Client Intake Form and bring it with you. If you can provide recent lab test results for evaluation, this will also be helpful. I will be able to offer some preliminary help at this time, but require a Follow-up Consultation, usually within a week, to present your detailed recommendations.

During the Follow-up, which may take up to 45 minutes, I will present you with insightful, holistic recommendations, as well as suitable educational information. Suggestions may include dietary guidance, supplement changes, lifestyle and exercise strategies, appropriate referral, and more. This health plan will take into account your current limitations and/or preferences, because above all, success is the goal, even if it takes a bit longer. We will discuss these in detail to be sure you understand and feel confident going forward. Every document I provide will always be confidentially available to you on this site.

If I believe you would benefit from a herbal formula, I will blend one specifically for you, to alleviate symptoms and go to work on a deeper level to bring about profound, long term improvement.

Every health target plan is unique and flexible, formulated around you and your specific needs. It is usually beneficial, in order to track progress and make adjustments to your treatment efficiently, to have follow-up visits approximately once per month. As healing progresses, these visits become further apart.

Other Services:

Custom Detox Program: In today's polluted world, a regular full system detoxification is a good idea. Our cells get burdened and overworked, unable to perform optimally, then fatigue, illness, and disease will occur. As individuals, our exposure to toxins and ability to remove them from our bodies varies greatly. An unplanned program may be ineffective at the least, and dangerous at the worst. I will assess your overall load and constitution to create a protocol suited to your needs to ensure success, as well as supply the herbs you will require. Your protocol will include detailed dietary and supplement guidelines as well. We will meet once every week or two so I can closely monitor your progress. Some email or phone support is provided as needed.

Diet and Nutritional Consultation: Does your diet need a shakeup?  Are you, or someone you love, considering a change? Whether you want to go vegan, raw, vegetarian, even paleolithic, I can provide the nutritional support and recommendations you will need to be successful. I am familiar with rotational and other Calorie Reduction and Fasting strategies to bring about optimal health, and can safely guide you in these.

Initial Consultation 60 to 90 min

Follow-up Consultation 30 to 45 min

Mini/Drop-in Consultation 15 min




Herbal Treatment - may be in tincture(alcohol extract) or loose tea form. Prices include dispensing fee.


  • 100 ml - typical one week acute supply, one to two weeks if a tonic
  • 300 ml or more, per 100 ml





  • 50 gr - typical one week acute supply, one to two weeks if a tonic
  • 300 gr or more, per 100 gr
  • fillable tea bags - 50 count





Capsules - vegetarian

  • 100 
  • 300 or more, per 100




Topical - pre-made or custom

  • Oils
  • Salves/Ointments
  • Liniments
  • Creams
  • Poultices

Prices Vary

Fermented Products - may be tailored to suit

  • Kombucha - 750 ml
  • Sauerkraut - 500 ml
  • Kombucha Scoby and Instructions

$2 container deposit, or provide your own