Work Shops and Classes

Kitchen Cupboard Total Skin Care Workshop Series:

This is a fun hands-on series where you will learn to use simple ingredients to prepare any number of full body care products.

  1. Facial Treatment

In this class I will discuss skin types and special conditions. Treatment strategies. using basic ingredients we will make a facial cream together which you will take home. I will show you how to make your own cleansers, moisturizers, freshners, exfoiliants, and masks. 

This workshop is availble for private bookings. Consider it for wedding or baby showers, ladies nights, or Birthday parties. 

  1. Body Care

discus skin brushing, lymphatic massage, special conditions (ecxema, psoriasis), hair care, deodorants, foot care, make an emulsiun, salve

  1. Oral and Dental Care

Goals: disinfect to prevent caries and sweeten breath, remove prticles, whiten, protect, heal, repair,

discuss oral hygiene herbs, mouthwash and spray, tooth powder, dicuss: candida, caries, gingivitis, flouride, halitosis,


Be The Fermentator

You can easily turn simple vegetables and teas into body healing super foods! Learn about the integral role that our microbiome plays in our overall health and why it is so important to get it functioning fully by consuming living fermented foods on a regular basis.

If you can make a salad and a cup of tea then you already possess the skills necessary to quickly produce these foods and drinks! I will demonstrate and offer tasty samples of 5 or more different types of probiotic creations.

There will be opportunity to ask specific questions.

A starter culture of either kombuchu or tobicos comes with registration. As well, hand out instructions on all types of ferments demonstrated. These handouts are made available to registrants here on my website as well.

Is There a Vegetarian In The House?

Are you, or is someone you love considering a vegetarian or vegan diet? Concerned about getting enough balanced protein? Relax, just by following some simple guidelines you can easily provide adequate protein with balanced amino acids.

You don’t need to buy expensive ingredients or spend all day in the kitchen either.

In this two hour workshop, you will learn a little bit about nutrition, dietary requirements, and which foods to combine to ensure that optimal health is never compromised. I will demonstrate how to easily prepare delicious meals and share many time-saving tips. Sample a variety of tasty vegetarian and vegan entrées and side-dishes. A vegetarian/vegan protien chart is available to take home and to registrants on this website.

Bring your questions and concerns, and put your mind to rest!

Tea Blending

This is a crash course in the merits of an assortment of herbs. I will present the attributes of 20? safe, effective, and easily accessible plants. This information will be made availble to you for your reference in the form of handouts and to registrants here on my website.

You will learn the ins and outs of tea blending and preparation then create your own custom tea blends to take home, loose or in individual bags.  Blend for flavor alone, or make therapeutic formulas for common conditions like:

Digestion, Relaxation and Sleeping, Pain Relief, Colds and Flu,

Nutrient Boosting, Hormone Balancing, Cleansing, and More!

You can easily soothe your own or your family's discomfort yourself without a trip to the drugstore. Custom blended teas make thoughtfull gifts as well. 

Plenty of time will be made for one on one questions.


Herb and Wild Weeds Walk, Talk, and Taste



The Family Herbalist Series

nose bleeds, common cold and flu, temperature, burns, cuts, scrapes, stings, stomach flu, anxiety, warts, rashes, headaches, heartburn, indigestion